Mad Drummer Featured In The Latest Advil Commercial

I'm very grateful to be featured in the latest Advil Commercial. The funny thing is, I actually use Advil more than you might expect. LOL

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Mad Drummer Switches To Vater Drumsticks

I'm now endorsing Vater Drumsticks! After being with another major company for over a decade, I found myself somewhat fighting my sticks. I tried several different models, but nothing seemed to help. On a whim, I jumped online and purchased a pair of Vater Drumsticks. The minute I played them, I knew I wanted to make the switch.


Mad Drummer Interview With SoulSteer

I recently did an interview with SoulSteer. They generally focus on cars, however they contacted me and asked for an interview. It was a nice change, because they asked some "new" questions. Hope you enjoy!

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CONFLIKT ARTS Interviews The Mad Drummer

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The Mad Drummer in NOISEY.


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3point Magazine Interviews The Mad Drummer

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New Promotional Video For Roland Noise Eater

For more information on the NE-10 / NE-1, please visit Roland Connect.

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Interview With The 25th Hour Radio Show

Did a fun little interview with The 25th Hour Radio Show a few days ago. Very fun bunch of guys!

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Order The New Mad Drummer Shirt

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The Mad Drummer Signs With JH Audio

I'm happy to be the newest member of the JH Audio Family. I'm endorsing their JH16's and can't say enough good things about them. JH Audio's client list reads like a "who's who," and for obvious reasons...

When I began my quest for the best IE's available, I turned to the people that were already using them. Ray Luzier of Korn, first told me about them, then Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour, and Shannon Larkin of Godsmack (to name just a few). Each of them saying the JH16's were the best IE's on earth. These guys have no reason to use anything other than the best! The JH16's have 8 drivers in each ear, and it SOUNDS like 8 drivers.

Jerry and Corbyn (Owner and Artist Rep) offered to provide me with any artwork I wanted. However, I decided on the Solid Black. To me, the black on black had a very polished, finished look. So that's what we went with.

There's a reason the best performers in the industry use JH Audio. If you're considering getting custom molds, just go ahead and get the best. You haven't experienced music...until you've heard it with 16 drivers!


NEW Audix Microphone Article

Steve Moore is undeniably famous. With nearly 24 million YouTube views for This drummer is at the wrong gig, a hilarious guest spot on NBC's The Office, and numerous appearances at drumming events around the US, Europe, and Russia, everyone has heard of this guy. When asked why this happened, Steve replied honestly, "I don't know. This viral video was simply a gift given to me."

Steve grew up playing in heavy progressive bands. "My roots were Pantera, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Slayer, and Anthrax so it really wasn't that unusual to go nuts. I know the stuff I do looks pretty funny, and it's intended to look that way. The challenge is to be able to look like a train wreck without sounding like one. It's not as easy as it looks!"

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The Mad Drummer Signs With Gator Cases

I honestly feel Gator makes the best cases on earth, so I couldn't be happier to be onboard. I can still remember saving all my money for a MONTH to buy these cases at my local music store. I didn't have much money in those days, but I knew I needed "these" cases. That was over 15 years ago, and they are actually making them better than before.

Keep in mind, Gator doesn't just make "drum" cases. They make instrument (guitar, keyboard, band and orchestra) cases as well as audio/video cases as well. So please take a moment and check them out.


Mad Drummer Signs With Extreme Isolation Headphones

I'm happy to announce, I am the newest Extreme Isolation Headphones artist. John Gresko was kind enough to send me a pair of EX-25's (which I keep in a road case at the show) and a pair of EX-29's (which I keep at home for the studio). I absolutely love these headphones.

I did a great deal of research before going with Extreme Isolation Headphones. I find these headphones to be "dynamically consistent" from drum to drum (cymbal to cymbal). In other words, it's a TRUE MIX to my ears. Other headphones block out certain frequencies, while allowing others to bleed in. The result is an uneven mix!!! Therefor I have a tendency to hit certain drums harder or softer, in an effort to blend my sound. This doesn't happen with Extreme Isolation Headphones.

My drum mix is consistent and true...just at a lower level.

"If these phones will stay on my head, they will stay on yours!!!"


#1 Most Underrated Drummer In Rock?

NME Magazine named The Mad Drummer Steve Moore The #1 Most Underrated Drummer In Rock.

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Mad Drummer Added To Drummerworld Website

The first thing I do every morning is visit As with many drummers, this has been my morning ritual for the last 10 years. I would read about the latest news about all of my hero's, watch their videos, and memorize every detail of their photos. I found myself frequently looking at the list of names of these drumming legends, and would imagine my name being there with them. I would often scroll down to Stanton Moore, to see if my name had mysteriously been added after his the night before...although I obviously knew it would not be there. I did this everyday for 10 years!

Last night, I received an email from Bernhard Castiglioni, informing me that he had added my name to his list. I went straight to the website and there it was, right beneath Stanton Moore, just as I had seen it in my mind a thousand times!

"Believe in yourself...nothing is impossible."

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The Mad Drummer Appears On German Talk Show

I recently had the privilege of appearing on Germany's #1 late night talk show "TV Total," along with Rick K. The host of the show (Stefan Raab) also plays drums, so he asked me to show him a few moves on the show! He was a great sport and a lot of fun.

I was also a real honor to sit in with their house band "The Heavytones." They're the German equivalent of Paul Shaffer and The CBS Orchestra. So I had to stay on my toes! They really went out of their way to make us feel comfortable, and I can't thank them enough!!!

You can view clips from the show below:

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The Mad Drummer Performs In Russia

The Mad Drummer performed at The Philharmonic in Kursk City, Russia, with Rick K. & The Allnighters on Monday 14, 2012. Portions of the show were televised by TV 46 to more than 500,000 residents in Kursk Oblast. Interviews were broadcast on radio station Petpo FM 105.4 with Evgeniya Kalinin Based on their outstanding Kursk performance the promoter has submitted the band for consideration to perform at the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Russia. Additional international dates are currently under consideration and will be announced in the near future.

"Drummer At The Wrong Gig" In Swedish Commercial

A Swedish company called "Com Hem" did a remake of "Drummer at the Wrong Gig" in one of their commercials.

I was blown away when I saw this commercial. Keep in mind, they REMADE the video! This is not a "photoshop" or a "computer generated" video. They shot it from the ground up! I can't imagine the time they must have invested in this. The flame drums, sparkle jackets, background, yellow fan... it's all in there. They even got the "cymbal stacks" on my right hand side correct. LOL

The Mad Drummer Talks With MusicRadar

This time two years ago, most people hadn't heard of Rick K And The Allnighters ('America's most exciting show band'), much less their flamboyant drummer, Steve Moore. But in the late spring of 2010, a YouTube clip of the group performing a cover of ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man became a viral sensation - all because of Moore's dazzling showmanship behind the kit.

The video, dubbed This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig, has now racked up close to 16 million YouTube views, ensuring that the world - the drumming world, at least - will never be the same. Things have changed radically for Moore, too: He's been championed by superstar players like Mike Portnoy, he's endorsing companies and products galore, his handle 'The Mad Drummer' is trademarked, and he's even heeded the call of Hollywood, appearing on an episode of the US version of The Office.

YouTube fame is still a relatively new phenomenon, however, so we decided to check in with Moore to discuss how he's handling the various ins, outs and what-have-yous of viral celebritydom. As it turns out, quite well, indeed.

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The Mad Drummer In Modern Drummer Magazine

My friend Billy Amendola was kind enough to mention me in the NEWS section of the March 2012 edition of Modern Drummer Magazine. It was a real thrill getting props from such a prominent magazine.


The Mad Drummer Signs With Audix Microphones

I am very pleased to announce: I am now officially endorsing Audix Microphones.

As many of you know, I’ve used Audix Microphones (along w/ the MAY Internal Mounting System) for years. In my humble opinion, it’s the best combination available!!! The quality of your microphone is just as important as the quality of your drums or cymbals...

Great Drum + Bad Microphone = Moderate Sound!

Why do I choose Audix? Because they reproduce MY sound the way I want my sound REPRODUCED. It really is that simple...

I'm thrilled to be onboard with Audix! To check out my current set up:

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The Mad Drummer Talks With Modern Drummer

"Hello again, MD readers. My name is Steve Moore, aka the Mad Drummer. Some of you might remember me as “the Drummer at the Wrong Gig” on YouTube. To say I’ve had the best year of my life would be an understatement! When I wrote my last MD blog, I shared the terror of performing my first drum festival at Woodstick. However, as you may remember, it turned out to be one of the happiest days of my life.

After Woodstick, I flew to..."

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The Mad Drummer Hits NBC

I'm going to be a special guest on “The Office” on NBC. The shows airs (Thursady) November 10, at 9pm Eastern and Pacific time (8pm Central and Mountain). Please help spread the word.


Mad Drummer On The Front Page Of The Record Delta

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Flush The Fashion Interview


Backstage With Shannon Larkin Of Godsmack

For those that have been following along, you probably remember me mentioning the name "Shannon Larkin" in several of my interviews. The reason for this is simple: Shannon is the godfather of EVERYTHING I do!

When I was around 17 or 18 years old, my old band opened for a band called Wrathchild in a small club. The club dropped the ball, and didn't advertise. Therefore, the club was nearly empty. I also remember there being an issue with my drums, so the drummer (Shannon) let me use his gear, along with his cymbals. He was extremely kind to me, but rather soft spoken, so I was completely unprepared for what was about to happen. When Shannon took the stage, he EXPLODED! I had never seen anything like that in my life. Not only was this guy throwing his arms out of their sockets, but he was doing it for a half-empty room. Bottom Line: I had a new hero!

From that day forward, I worshiped Shannon and tried my best to emulate him. I followed everything he did, as he ultimately became the drummer for Godsmack, 

When the "Drummer at the Wrong Gig" video went viral, everyone wanted to know how I invented my style. I always tried my best to set the record straight, by telling people I was simply trying to emulate one of my hero's. Then I would tell them the story...

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see Godsmack live, and hang out with Shannon backstage. It was obviously a very special moment for me, because the "Drummer at the Wrong Gig" video would not exist...if it wasn't for Shannon Larkin!


Mad Drummer Featured In Batterie Magazine

"20 Questions with Steve Moore - The Mad Drummer"

May 2011
By Sébastien Benoits

This month, I was featured in Batterie Magazine. It's a great drum magazine in France. You can find out more about them at

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The Mad Drummer: Adams Drummers Festival In Belgium

On April 10, I had the time of my life flying to Belgium to perform at the "Adams Drummers Festival." I wanted to do something a little different, so I put together a trio including myself, Freddie Nelson (Paul Gilbert), and Scott Bender (Baton Rouge). We had a blast playing together!

Other performers on the bill included, Benny Greb, Mark Schulman, Keith Carlock, and Thomas Lang. Mike Portnoy and JoJo Mayer were also there, for a signing session.

Seeing my name on a brochure, along with the biggest drummers in the world, was a bit intimidating to say the least. Luckily, they were very warm to me, and did their best to make me feel at home.

I've watched videos of other drummers playing the Adams Drummers Festival for years. To be involved with that kind of history was a huge honor.

To top it off, Mike Portnoy jumped onstage with me during Wipeout! Imagine trying to tell me a year ago, that I would be performing one of the largest drum festivals in the world with Mike Portnoy!

Interview With Random Chatter Music

Here’s an interview I “had to have” once I found out who was headlining in Belgium! :) It’s the “drummer at the wrong gig”, The Mad Drummer, Steve Moore! – Jenn

 Random Chatter Music 

"This is a bit unusual because first, you’re not primarily a guitar player, and second, you don’t have a new album to promote. You’re too outstanding to allow to slip through the cracks… I’m honored to be able to ‘interrogate’ you, however briefly. To begin – what’s happened in the past few months? Please bring us up to speed. How have the shows with Rick been?"

"You’re right, I’m not a guitar player, however I’m actually very familiar with your work, through Freddie Nelson. With that said, I’m very grateful you would take the time to interview me! It’s funny, because I’m a fan of just about every person on your blog. I’m a huge Racer X fan from way back. Like many other drummers, I cut me teeth learning..."

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Interview With Synconation

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The Mad Drummer Revisits Modern Drummer Blog

Last year I had a video on YouTube titled “This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig.” I had struggled my entire life, when out of nowhere the video went viral. Within weeks my life had completely changed, and I was suddenly getting showered with the gifts I had worked so hard to earn. One of these was the opportunity to perform at a famous drum festival. I often wondered what it would be like to perform onstage with my favorite drummers. However, I never really contemplated how terrifying it might be—because I never really thought it would happen!

I had gotten a call from Ludwig, telling me Donn Bennett wanted me to fly to Seattle to perform at the 2010 Woodstick Drum Festival. The celebrity drummers at the event included Kenny Aronoff, Thomas Pridgen, Bryan Hitt, Alan White, Frankie Banali, Tony Coleman, and Jeff Kathan. Here’s the catch: They wanted me to play a solo! “Are you kidding? You want me to play a solo in front of Kenny Aronoff and Thomas Pridgen? Have you lost your mind?”

With no sleep, I step off the plane, and a driver is there to take me to the show. I know I’m in over my head, but I have no idea what to do about it. I just keep thinking, “These guys are going to tear me to shreds.” As soon as I walk into the venue...

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The Mad Drummer In Houston Press

The video may have been called "this drummer is at the wrong gig," but Moore is still playing 200 shows a year with the All-Nighters. His sudden fame has opened doors to the highest echelons of the drumming world - he's played the Woodstick Festival, and will fly to Belgium in April to play the Adams Drummer Festival, and is currently in talks with legendary drummer Carmine Appice to collaborate on a DVD project.

"I met Matt Sorum of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver a few weeks ago at NAMM," says Moore. "He freaked when he met me and said Tommy Lee had sent him the video. HELLO! Tommy Lee? So I tried to be as cool as possible and said, 'Ahhh, that's really nice man,' then I walked around the corner where no one could see me and started jumping up and down!

"However, meeting Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater has been the highlight for me," Moore continues. "I idolize Mike Portnoy. For him to reach out and show me such respect is the greatest gift I could ask for."

Moore's entire world has been changed...

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Mad Drummer Wins Best Web Video Award

Drummer audience chooses the best web video
Published: January 25, 2011 6:22
Last updated: January 25, 2011 24:18
LONDON - The best online video is a 2010 movie in which the drummer of an American band goes completely crazy, and the most complicated tricks with his drumsticks part.

Certain that the audience of the Web Video Awards 2010 Monday night in the Amsterdam City Theatre by giving the loudest applause. The movie won the Audience YouTube.

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Ludwig Autograph Signing At NAMM

I had a blast last week at the NAMM Convention in Anaheim, CA. I signed autographs at the Ludwig Booth from 1:00 - 2:00 on Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, I completely lost my voice by Friday Afternoon. What a terrible time to lose your voice...LOL Nonetheless, I had a great time, and the turn out was more than I could have ever hoped for.

I spent the rest of the time running around like a little kid. I was able to hang with Thomas Lang, Johnny Rabb, Marco Minnemann, Carmine Appice, Matt Sorum, and on and on... It was fantastic. I was blown away at how nice everyone was to me. That is by far, the best feeling in the world!!!

I also need to thank Kevin Packard, from Ludwig Drums. Kevin gave me the same respect as he gave Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick) or Joey Kramer (Aerosmith). There were dozens of LEGENDS at the Ludwig Booth, and I'm sure he was overwhelmed, but kept checking in with me to make sure I was OK. I'm still a little wet behind the ears compared to the other guys. LOL So it really helped.


Mad Drummer On Front Page Of Yahoo





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